22 November 2014



With Faceplant, mix and match face parts and create a new kind of hipster, monster or household pet. Madonna, metalheads, vampires, kittens, beardies, and nutty professors all represent — you can make a small army with all these options. It’s a kind of Mr. Potatohead of fonts.

Faceplant is a new style of font where if you type down the keyboard from the upper left to the lower right, you create a face, if you move left to right diagonally on the keyboard you change features and accessories. To create another different face, simply press the space bar and press another key. The font is designed to make the creation of illustrated characters fun and easy for use in flyers, invitations, storyboards, etc.

Symbol font is available as OTF for Mac and PC.

Available for purchase at Hello Mart Co and Creative Market .