Maroque is a geometric type design inspired by the forms and pattern motifs found in Moroccan textiles, artwork and architecture. The pattern motifs most specifically associated with this font design are those found in the textiles of the Maghreb or Berber people of North Africa, these have a kind of bold simplicity that appears decorative, detailed and grid-based.

Font is for sale at


Springtime video featured at XLR8R, MixMag, and Fact Magazine.


More iterations of generative art and collage for the Old Little Pony series.


A new piece…generative art, digital painting, 3d and traditional collage. Print version for sale @


Generative art blends with collage and illustration in this series. Images are generated using illustrations of digital flowers, berries and orbs then recombined using traditional collage.


Projection Portraits, 2013. Projections, mannequins and mirrored surfaces.



Portrait of a Poltergeist, 2013. Projection, mannequin and mirrored surfaces.


New series of generative collage/digital paintings created from an image I resurrected from my net art site dream7.  See more of the series online at

Work featured at Hyperallergic LABS




Net art project created for the New Digital Art Biennale and Curt Cloninger’s pavilion Wonder Cabinet of the Big Electric Cat.